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Button popping and fabric tearing because of goo boys stuffing themselves down people throats tho

Goo boys stuffing themselves down people’s throats tho


whats kriegs fave food? ???? 


Zer0 dipped in cheese sauce 

- see the word slimey ; immediate thinks of slime people -


- thinks of slime tentacles -


Zer0 getting pumped full of eggs by a Varkid 


zer0 fucking FULL Of eggs 

zer0 full of READY TO HATCH EGGS that are squirming in him

Okay but I just thought of this being Nisha and Athena

Nisha probably has a trunk filled with shackles and handcuffs and whips and all kinds of things because nobody lets her leave it laying around.


nisha is a big meanie brat and i love her

I’m trying to think of how to say this but you know those like big poofy frilly dresses that were around in the western times?

Imagine Nisha getting Jack to wear one of those and roleplaying a scene of the courageous Nisha saving Jack from the train tracks.

Only Nisha probably tied him up in the first place.



the only time nisha would ever eat jack out is if he had like a lotta fuckin promises to go along with it

tbh she’d eat him out anyhow at any time when she feels like it but she loves seeing him grovel and beg her to do it

i mean tbh

pretty much


i went into a the jack tag and there was snmth about nisha sucking his dick and like okay I guess but lets all be honest with ourselves he sucks her dick and loves it 

She uses her whip like a leash while he sucks her dick let’s be real


average night with the girlf

Nisha might as well have a sigh around her neck the says “i am kinky as hell flirt at own risk”

And I am okay with that because god damn

So Nisha is pretty much a sadist and a masochist and god damn I am so happy that’s canon